Living & Dining Room

Vibieffe 235 XSMALL – Seating Furniture

A young and unconventional product, with a highly appealing image, made even more attractive by contrast stitching profiles. Find out more about these seating furniture elements for the contemporary living room. 

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XSmall is proposed with single elements of different sizes supported by corner pieces or elements and a comfortable chaise longue, without or with an armrest. Various backrest cushions with different shapes can be chosen from time to time for a creative, unusual, and original interpretation. The sofa is enriched with two different armrests, one more traditional and the other one of larger size.  Complete the collection of three ottomans with different dimensions.

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Design by Gianluigi Landoni


Luxury Office in the Center of Madrid – Interior Design Project

Designer Armchairs GetLucky and Ruff by Patricia Urquiola


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