Shower Enclosures

Izabela Ninic, Architect

October 13, 2016

Bathroom & Spa

Shower enclosure is an essential part of the equipment of every bathroom. Hygiene, relaxation, but also a visual pleasure – all these needs should be met.


Considering the setup in the space, shower enclosure can be detached or mounted to the wall. This version requires a slightly larger bathroom space but it is not so frequent.


The shower enclosure itself can be built into the floor or mounted. Often the circumstances are such that it is impossible to have a built in shower base. When choosing a mounted shower tray, keep in mind that low and flat shower trays are trendy, made of composite materials that imitate concrete or cement. They can be in various colors and are non-slip.


With this design and materials it is ideal to combine shower trays with wall tiles, glass or composite materials identical to the shower tray. In this way, the shower will be especially prominent.


Trendy are large shower trays. The width of the tray of 120, 140 or even 160 cm will meet the needs of two people showering.

Shower space can be closed or semi-open. In closed versions the entrance is solved by hinged and sliding doors. Hinged doors are more convenient for cleaning and maintenance. With semi-open enclosures make sure there enough floor space around the cabin that will be exposed to something more frequent wetting and cleaning.


Shower enclosure is an area that is dominates the bathroom with its volume so carefully choose its expression. Doors with frosted glass will further emphasize the volume of the shower enclosure and it is therefore recommended to combine transparent and opaque glass.


The ideal material for covering the shower enclosure is transparent glass. Modern glass is processed in such a way that the limestone is not retained on them, but there are also numerous coatings on offer that solve this problem.


Enrich larger shower enclosures with a chair or a stone bench and a quality shower. It is desirable to install spa equipment such as a hydro massage system, chromotherapy or sauna into the shower enclosure. This area will certainly contribute to your refreshment for a new day.


Photo: Arblu

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