Casual Bedroom

Izabela Ninic, Architect

October 6, 2016

Bedroom & Kids Room

Although intended for rest and relaxation, bedroom is often a space of rigid rules of decoration, without too much casualness. Trends suggested by the 2016 Milan Furniture Fair are completely the opposite – this space is freed of rules, asymmetrical and full of color.


Bed is the most dominant element in the space so choose it in accordance with the functional needs. Trendy are beds with legs and low, curved headboards, which will contribute to the casual atmosphere of the room.


Regardless of the design, the colors are the thing that you first notice in every room, including the bedroom. Lavender, olive green, warm yellow, red or blue in combination with gray, beige or brown tones will significantly change the atmosphere of the space. With this combination of colors you can use patterns such as striped, plaid and pepito to highlight specific details.


In addition to decorative fabrics, color can be applied to walls, but also to elements of furniture such as a chest of drawers, nightstands and the bed. Combine elements of furniture in a variety of colors. Each one will become expressive; a play of colors and forms will create a whole new atmosphere.


When you enrich them with decorative items, the whole story will get its personality. Be casual in selecting details and do not worry about their function, nor about their position. The more unusual the position is, the effect of casualness is better.


Decorate the walls with pictures and photos, but make sure that their position is visible above or beside the bed, in regular or unusual arrangement. Position of nightstands can help you make the final choice.


The same rule applies for lighting. Combine a desk lamp with a hanging or freestanding lamp, if you need more light. Otherwise one lamp is more than enough. Retro or industrial style is recommended to achieve a casual atmosphere.


If the space is large enough, make the chair as a space for storing clothes. Further decorate the space with rugs that can be in a completely different style than the rest of the room.


Turn your bedroom into a casual place where you can stay and relax during the day.

Photo: Twils

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