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Carpet Design – Fascination: from Minimalist to Luxurious


The natural, comfy appearance is what captivates with Larea, a voluminous matte frieze. Its forthright structure and frilled threads create a shifting surface look that is interestingly contrasted by ‘austerely’ matte fibers. A coloration inspired by Nature accentuates the carpet’s modernness, which harmonises perfectly with the up-to-date blends reflecting such materials as concrete, wood and glass: 15 nuanced shades of wood and stone, the colors of clear water, a lush moss green and a warm saffron yellow are well suited for zones of well-being where one can get away from it all.


The two different-colored yarns in Corvara, a frieze carpet, bring the visual motion to this product. The resulting mottling ends up being more accented or discreet, depending on the combination of colors chosen. In neutral nuances it is lightly shaded; with more striking colors such as yellow-rosé or orange-mud, the dual effect unfolds to a greater degree. As the hues merge with each other when viewed across a large area, the contrast generally remains subtle to the eye. The warm, dry look and feel to the yarns produce a natural effect which is found again in the 16 color schemes: brick and coral reds along with natural shades of green, grey and beige create a ‘feel-good’ atmosphere in the living room and dining areas marked by the widest variety of styles.

The New Fascination

A wealth of facets, modern and yet very personal aptly describes the new Fascination, a carpet collection that unites a total of 17 different carpets and roughly 350 colors. The color schemes for six classics from Vorwerk – including the brightly hued Modena, the expressive Lyrica, or the tried-and-true Parma – have been strikingly optimized. Eight appealing new articles and three modifications round out the range. Following in-depth research, they pick up on current trends in designs and materials. The new coloring was developed by designer Giulio Ridolfo and the Vorwerk Studio for each carpet so that a given article individually depicts a world of colors all its own: a perfect symbiosis of material and hue. In the process the designers let themselves be inspired by landscapes, contemporary art, and global urban living environments.

About Vorwerk Flooring

Vorwerk flooring is one of the leading international suppliers of high-quality carpets, carpet tiles and elastic, organic flooring. Innovation, quality, and ecology form the basis of all activities at Vorwerk, and always with a concerned eye towards people’s well-being. All of the collections are comprised of high-grade models oriented towards diversity, all the way to fascinating luxury collections which can also be custom-made individually on request. Above and beyond these, Vorwerk offers collections and special editions that originate in cooperation with internationally renowned architects, designers, and artists. These and other cultural projects form the cultural essence of the brand. Vorwerk flooring stands for sophistication, creativity, and intelligence revolving around the central theme of the floor. And turn the company into a supportive element of architecture, as well as a coveted design brand that is much in demand, time and again.

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