Details Matter

Izabela Ninic, Architect

September 21, 2016

Products & Materials

When we say home, we think of the pleasantly decorated space with lots of details that is complemented with the images of people who live in it. They give impressiveness to the space, but it is important to place them in a manner that will be harmonious and emphasize what is needed.


Entrance is the space that creates the first impression. Since this is often small space, using the principle of “less is more”. Simple hanger on a decorative wall is an appropriate detail that will create a great impression on all the visitors and household members.


The busiest place in any home is the kitchen. Objects that are used in food preparation can themselves be used as decorations.


In hallways and dining rooms use sideboards to accommodate the decorative items. Combine different bowls, vases, greenery. Particularly interesting detail would be a bundle of books fixed with decorative stones. Combine objects of different sizes to make their mutual relationship dynamic.


In the living room the ideal place for decorating is the sofa with a coffee table. In addition to decorative pillows and blankets in the seating area, be sure to use the surface of the coffee table.


Wall or freestanding shelves are an ideal space for decoration. If possible, further enrich this area with light.


For those who want to take advantage of extra space we propose to place a tray with decorative items on the floor. This will be especially effective if you connect the tray material with materials in the space.


The bedroom is the space in which decorative items are very important, because its atmosphere should be relaxing. Use decorative fabrics, floor-standing lamps, bowls, but also chairs and trays to achieve the desired effect.


Combination of various objects is preferred, but don’t go overboard. Therefore, carefully select and use the decorations, and certainly enrich them with greenery.


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