Decorative Fabrics in the Home

Izabela Ninic, Architect

September 13, 2016

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No matter how simple or complex items of furniture you choose, space will seem cold and unfinished without the introduction of decorative fabrics. It is this that underlines their importance, but also the need for high-quality selection, to complete the atmosphere in every home.


Simple and calm patterns of fabrics are easy to combine, but connecting different patterns and colors requires a more detailed approach. Whether emphasizing a smaller or larger part of the space, here are a few rules that you can not go wrong with.


Combine herbal and organic lines with geometric patterns. Regardless of the patchwork of colors, the contrast of curved and straight lines will clearly emphasize the idea and order in what you wanted to achieve.


To these combinations, you can always add monochrome pattern fabrics. This selection will further emphasize the dynamic pattern that you choose and create a wealth of designs and colors. If you are unsure, it is sufficient to combine a floral pattern with a monochrome one.


To emphasize one part of space we recommend a combination of fabrics in abstract geometry. To make selected patterns more expressive, it is necessary to achieve a color contrast. In such combinations, it is very important that other elements and colors in the room are quiet and simple and not to use any additional patterns.


In addition to items of furniture, fabrics can also be used on decorative items. These can be mirror frames, shades lamps, etc.. Combine expressive patterns on items of furniture with small patterns (stripes, sprayed patterns) or abstract geometry of the small sample, to create a visual contrast. It is desirable to follow the rule of small patterns on smaller items.


For a dynamic expression of outer space use fabrics with vivid colors and bold patterns. These can be wide stripes, plant patterns and the like. Connect awnings, decorative pillows and colors of the construction material. Your enjoyment of outside space will be complete.


In addition, play with combinations of fabrics on individual chairs and connect everything into a harmonious whole.

If you are still inclined to simplicity and insecure about your own choice, you will not go wrong by choosing expressive fabrics and identical decorative pillows. This fabric must include the colors of your space for complete harmony.

Photo: Missoni Home

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