Garden furniture made to fit the space

Izabela Ninic, Architect

August 18, 2016


If you love simplicity and comfort, clean lines or complex forms, market is full of models of garden furniture so it is not difficult to choose the one that you like. However, when choosing it is very important to take into account the environmental dimension of space and your needs.


In the beautiful environment it is sufficient to arrange simple elements and a minimal coffee table that will satisfy all eating or drinking needs. Simple design primarily enables you to enjoy nature and comfort is of secondary importance. White or anthracite gray in combination with wood is an ideal combination.


If it is necessary to arrange dining for a larger number of people, it is important to connect the proportions of the table and chairs. It is very fashionable to combine the styles so a wrong choice can easily happen. If the table is large in size, the chairs can also be larger, but the opposite combination is not allowed. If you are unsure, choose simple elements that can not go wrong.


If you want to combine comfort and functionality, connect the seating area with a dining table. It is very important for the table not to dominate the space in order to emphasize the casual atmosphere.


If you have enough space for dining, introduce a coffee table and a chair in a different style than the sofas and you will be trendy!


Larger spaces allow small multifunction tables to be placed in several different positions. This is a very functional approach, but at the same time casual and trendy. Depending on the area, introduce a few armchairs alongside the sofa. Playing with colors is a must.


When selecting larger elements for seating pay attention to the overall dimensions of space. The ideal position is one that does not have a lot of visual barriers, in which case the selected shape will to come to the fore.


Adapt the lounger to the selected sofa style to achieve the perfect atmosphere!


Photo: Cane Line

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