Choose a Kitchen with a Combination of Styles

Izabela Ninic, Architect

August 8, 2016


In the modern residences, the kitchen becomes the most important place for gathering and socializing with family or friends.


In addition to function, how you feel in the kitchen while doing everyday tasks is very important considering that the mixing of styles has become a rule, so recognize your combination of styles and start decorating and furnishing your kitchen.


Wood is an extremely trendy material in kitchens-you can use it with almost all styles. The bright color of wood with pronounced nodes will create a rustic expression. Combine it with a minimalist kitchen design and a rustic table in an identical material and organic plastic chairs.


If you are inclined to a somewhat more subtle expression of wood, we suggest dark tones in combination with high-gloss fronts. You can confront this story with modern coverings that mimic concrete and cement and a few retro details.


Combine the country kitchen with retro floor coverings and industrial wall coverings. We suggest neutral colors like gray, mocha or warm white. All eager for new design challenges can enrich this space with a distinctive cabinet in a palette of vibrant colors.


Put a stainless steel industrial kitchen on a retro floor covering, and complement it all with floor and wall wood cladding. Link retro chairs and the dining table with a pendant lamp of the same style. An industrial metal shelf will complete the interplay of styles with its simplicity, and playing around with details can become great fun!


For kitchens in student apartments and apartments for young couples, we suggest a casual combination of the industrial and minimalist style. Stainless steel, graffiti and industrial lighting in the kitchen perfectly correlate with a minimalist living room. Cool colors and warm contrasts will be a great expression of temperament and life of individuals.


Identify yourselves in the games of styles and enjoy your unique kitchen!


Photo: Nolte Kuechen

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