Details in the Bathroom

Izabela Ninic, Architect

July 11, 2016

Bathroom & Spa

The bathroom is a space that is increasingly being used for relaxation, and therefore the creation of atmosphere is very important. We will achieve it by choosing high-quality details.


By selecting elegant radiators, which look like towel rails, we can achieve the atmosphere similar to the one in the living room rather than in the bathroom. These are the latest trends suggested by the furniture fair “I Saloni”.


The lamps are very elegant and are placed symmetrically with respect to the mirror. More often it is a pendant lamp, or it can be a wall lamp. Try to use one corner for storage and light it with a pendant lamp, and incorporate LED wall lighting into the mirrors.


Brass and copper are again in fashion. Connect the metal parts of the lighting fixtures with details such as trays or cups. Group small objects together and you will avoid clutter and introduce an interesting trendy detail.


Stylistically connect all the wall elements with color, shape and materials.


Connect the towels with the color of the tiles. You can create contrast or interconnection. Trendy are floor mats for the bathroom, so be sure to link them with the color of the towels.

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If you are introducing a chair or an armchair into the bathroom, which is also trendy, make sure to select the color white, like the one of the sanitary equipment or one of the existing colors in the bathroom. It can be set up and very casually and used for hanging clothes or storage.


With all the details, introduce pleasant scents of essential oils, to make the atmosphere of the bathroom complete.

Photo: Arblu

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