Outdoor fireplaces and grills

Izabela Ninic, Architect

May 19, 2016


The coming warm days are the right time for setting up and using outdoor fireplaces and grills.


Fire as an element of the exterior can give a sophisticated atmosphere, and even grills are becoming trendy! If you would like introduce the fire theme into your garden in a new and sophisticated way, here are some suggestions.


Modern fireplace can become a place of gathering and socializing. Casually placed footstools and a minimalist fireplace can be placed anywhere in the room. The flexibility of this setup is an added advantage.


Outdoor fireplace can be set independently in space, in a position where it is clearly visible from the living room, dining room or outdoor space for eating and rest. If the garden is rich in detail and greenery, select a fireplace of a simple design.


You can introduce the fire theme by setting up a fireplace along a lounge area or a dining table. This setup requires stylistic compatibility with the existing furniture.


Putting water and fire together is apparently unthinkable, but in practice, very effective. Water surfaces can be decorated with “floating fireplaces”, of smaller or larger sizes, depending on the size of the water surface.


If the garden space is simple, without too much greenery, introduce several smaller fireplaces in different positions. In such cases, the fireplace should be of a simple form, but more complex finishing is allowed. It is desirable to play with the different colors to create a unique atmosphere.


Outdoor grills are increasingly becoming an integral part of the trendy design and it is very important to choose a model that will fit into your environment.


Minimalist grill integrated with an outdoor kitchen is a great solution because it can be used with all styles of decoration.


Freestanding grills, of simple design, with trendy copper patterns are great to combine with rustic or minimalist style, but a grill with industrial expression will also be a great combination.


Mix styles, introduce the fire theme into your garden and enjoy the upcoming summer!


Photo: Glamm fire

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