Design Project – Place des Etats Unis by Stephanie Coutas

Stephanie Coutas is showing her new Paris home. Completely renovated and redesigned by Stephanie, it is situated opposite the Place des Etats Unis, a 2-minute walk from the famous avenue Montaigne and Champs Elysees. The renovation has taken 18 months of hard work, with the aim to highlight her impressive and extensive art collection that she has accumulated through the years.

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Throughout the project, Stephanie’s “savoir-faire” comes to show with plenty of luxurious details, while maintaining a settled and contemporary feeling. The result is a warm and cozy yet spectacular flat. Materials and finishes are classic and elegant in tones of black and white with bronze and brass finishes.

Creating the Sense of an Art Gallery

Starting from the entrance in white opal with brass inserts to the motif of the ceiling going through the reception hall, the combination of classic molding styles, revisited through a modern pattern gives a new sense to the place. The main idea was to create a fluid, spacious hallway that merged with the reception, creating the sense of an art gallery.

Stephanie says of her design process; “The starting point of the ceiling design was my new Chandelier, “PARIS” edited by Baccarat. From the first circle, I started designing the rest of the pattern”. The second inspiration was my crush for a fantastic young artist called “THE KID”.

“I gave him ‘carte blanche’, he then came back to me with these 2 gigantic portraits, I loved them so much, I immediately wanted to create a curved wall with a backlight to have a floating effect and give the impression they were facing each other”.

In the rest of the house, you can find all the signature touches that the SC Edition Agency uses throughout their various projects worldwide: a lot of built-in cabinets made of luxurious materials, silk, wood, velvet, marble, bronze, semi-precious stones, etc.

As always, the design of the house brings feelings of comfort and peace to the soul. All the bedrooms are ensuites and have all the luxuries of 5-star palaces such as minibars, high-quality beds and linen, and Mr and Mrs separate bathrooms and dressing areas.

Stéphanie Coutas is always searching for new materials, techniques, and finishes. Therefore, she works in partnership with a lot of craftsmen mainly in France and Europe to achieve the highest quality designs and products in her projects. The agency’s main target is to develop unique and exclusive projects that exceed the expectations of her international clientele.


Entrance Design

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Ceiling: Gypse, designed by Stéphanie Coutas for SC Edition

Flooring: White opal with inserts of brass and brown coffee marble

Blind: Arik Lévy Cristal Tiles for Baccarat

Mirror: Muse, Galerie Negropontes

Table: Console Libra, Galerie Negropontes

Bowl: Blue bronze bowl by Faye Toogood, Galerie Fumi (London)

Vase: Limited edition of 8 “Roi de la forêt” by Marcel Wanders

Cupboards: Galuchat Panels and Bronze handles designed by Stephanie Coutas for SC

Door handle: Custom designed in embossed bronze by Stéphanie Coutas.


Corridor Design

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Wooden flooring: in solid oak

Decorative door: custom designed by Stéphanie Coutas in Selenite Stone Marqueterie. Yann Jallu.

Artwork: Fabrice Hyber, Mixed Techniques. Art Medioni

Artwork: Joseph. Gandhi portrait. Galerie des Lices

Marble shelf: custom made opale console and stand with a sculpture from Arik Levy

“Men on a bench”: sculpture in bronze by Marc Petit

Square wall art: Richard Texier composition of 5 “Chinese years”

Blue sculpture: Solid-liquid color by Arik Levy


Guest Bathroom Design

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Translucent vase: Onyx bowl in the guest toilet as a sink by MGM

Plate: a ceramic collection of the owner


Living Room Design 

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Flooring: in solid oak, custom color

Rug: “Versailles” designed by Stéphanie Coutas and edited by Tai Ping

Curtains: Sabina Fay. Fils Phosphorescents. Jules et Jim

Chandelier: design by Stéphanie Coutas and edited by Baccarat

Artwork: THE KID “I am the Alpha, I am the Omega, I am the Beginning, I am the End.”

Sofas: custom designed by Stéphanie Coutas and made by B&B Italia, embroideries from Holland and Sherry (New York), with fabric from Minotti

Side tables in metal and ceramic: Vintage table from the ’50s

Dark wood console: design by Stéphanie Coutas

Table lamp: Peter Lane octagonal ceramic

Table lamps: Paul Evans for Studio One

Mirror: mirror wall Heaters. Finimetal

Cubic sculptures: ceramic box Robert Combas and ceramic box Telemaque Art Médioni

Steal stand: bronze custom made

Wooden coffee table: Orogan pine, oak, teak, and bronze. Galerie Chahan

Flower vase: owner’s vase

Sculpture: on a table, a bronze antic from the Vatican archives

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Rug: “Versailles” designed by Stephanie Coutas and edited by Tai Ping

Armchairs: Orsenigo Fudjiyama

Side tables: Rythm Selettes designed by Hervé Langlais. Galerie Negropontes

Vase: Antique ceramic


Study Room Design

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Flooring: in solid oak, custom color

Wall panels: Stéphanie Coutas custom sample “new ebony”

Curtains: Sabina Fay. Fils Phosphorescents. Jules et Jim

Desk: Vintage large oak stacked desk Galerie Chahan

Stool: WGS Gallotti & Radice

Sculptures: André Willequet Chute d’Icare. Karry Gallery

Shelves: custom made, designed by Stéphanie Coutas in bronze inserted in wood panel

Armchair and footstool: Minotti Jensen


Dining Room Design

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Mirror door and wall: built-in custom-made video art: Digital shark. Moving Design

Curtains: Sabina Fay, Turner Templar. Jules and Jim

Sheer Curtains: Chivasso Louise Jab

Artwork: “Jeff Koons with the floral headpiece” photo by Marti Schoeller. Camera Work

Dining table: “Mikado” designed by Stéphanie Coutas with Marble black vein top and bronze support in gold polished brass and embossed bronze. Rinck/Marbreries de la Seine

Armchairs: Minotti Aston

Chandeliers: Arborescence, Galerie Negropontes

Tableware: Baccarat


Kitchen Design

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Flooring: Calacatta Statuaire/ Ariostea David B

Glass bottle: Pols Potten

Artwork: Owner’s private collection

Pots: Fornasetti candles

Apple ornaments: Bull & Stein

Blinds: Chivaso Collection Louise

Central Island & Kitchen unit: Habitat Project

Light fixture: Bolle: Gallotti and Raddice

Painting: Galerie W/Dining table: custom with top in grey mat marble

Tableware: Baccarat and Haviland white mat


Lounge Design

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Wallpaper: Phillip Jeffries “it’s Greek to me”, strong forest green

Curtains: White linen-Dedar

Flooring: in solid oak by Arti Parquets

Rug: Ebru Dynasty black

Artwork: Robert Combas

Sofa: custom in green velvet

Armchair: Minotti Jesen

Floor lamp: Basculante

Sculpture and steal stand: Pedro Reyes “Philosophical Casino V2012” Lisson Gallery, London

Vase and round stand: Antique 18th century Chinese vase and Pierre Medioni stand

Coffee table: “Radiance”, custom-designed in bronze with  pink gold finish, by Stéphanie Coutas, upon request

Vase: Venetian Murano Vase


Master Bedroom Design

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Carpet: Bomat Cornboo

Wall panel: Art Deco motif 

Sculpture and stand: bronze de Albert Feraud (Galerie Future Anterieur- Brussels)

Painting: Sabina Fay paint on Abaca

Bed: Elite

Bed linen: Andrew Martin, Walmer Ivory (Jules et Jim) with cushions 

Tray, tableware: Christofle

Bedside tables: Hughes Chevalier

Bedside lamps: Boreal, Galerie Negropontes

Bench: Minotti Kirk

Gold table: Cilindros gold plated cube table, limited edition, Garrido Gallery

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Cupboard doors: custom designed by SC, platinum leaves with backlight and chrome frames

Chandelier: custom for SC/Ellouz

Mirrors, Sink unit, Bathtub: Full bathroom custom design by Stéphanie Coutas with a special marble with a bronze vein. Marbreries de la Seine and all joinery and mirror work Pilotag

TV Screen: Agathe

Vanity Island and drawers: design by Stéphanie Coutas in glass, black crocodile, bronze metal, and chrome

Perfumes bottles: vintage


Childs’ Bedroom Design

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Feature wall: custom made, artificial leather, Ultrafabrics

Wooden flooring: solid oak custom color

Rug: Lesage

Curtains: Pierre Frey Byron Fabric

Blinds: Lora Piana Fabric Kathakali

Bed: Epéda

Bed linen: Dedar Kos Linen Fabric

Throw: Jonathan Adler

Bedside table lamp: America Metalarte

Painting: Jean Dewasne Laque 1970

Bear sculpture: Bathroom Graffiti

Bench: Eichholtz

Mirror, Desk, Consoles, Shelves: Custom design by Stéphanie Coutas with chrome, white lacquer Shinny and matt contrast

Armchair: Etat de siège

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Curtains: Loro Piana Jasmine Linen and velvet embroidered Fabric

Blinds: Chivasso Lavinia

Rug: Eichholtz

Nest of tables: vintage

Stool: Elitis, bronze

Chair: Bruno Tulip Galerie W

Cupboard: Custom design by Stéphanie Coutas, Built-in cupboard with a black mat and glossy wood

Table lamp: Vintage with custom lampshade matching the fabric of the curtains

Artwork: Samuel Zuder “Louis Vuitton 2001” Galerie Lumas

Bed: Epeda

Bed linen: Rubelli


Guest Bathroom Design 

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Flooring: Left Picture: Portor Silver Marble, Marbreries de la Seine

Flooring: Right Picture: custom design, White marble Thassos with turtle marble inserts

Blinds: Osborne Shower linen

Side table: Selezioni Domus

Fire extinguisher artwork: Castello Fire YSL. Galerie des Lices

Bathtub: Aquamass David B



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