Arrange a Trendy Holiday Table

Izabela Ninic, Architect

March 23, 2016

Living & Dining Room

Be creative and trendy this Easter season! Here are some tips on how to decorate your home and holiday table.


Being inspired by a garden is distinctly modern. Introduce the colours of late summer and create a relaxed atmosphere. Combine the palette of strong colours with natural materials such as clay, ceramics, bamboo, wood, wool, denim, velvet or leather. Introduce details inspired by folklore: knitwear, embroidery, carving, engraving. Pillows, vases and tablecloths must be decorated with floral motifs that can be monochrome or in vibrant colours. This trend will bring nature into your home!


For all those who love innovation and originality we suggest a trend that is based on innovative technologies. Combination of materials like Plexiglas, plastic, metal, neoprene or recyclable materials is a must. Filigree textures and the play of light and shadows are required on glasses or lamps. Thanks to 3D printing, design possibilities are limitless. Basic colours of this trend are blue, green, red and pink, and elements exude aesthetics and brilliance.


Simplicity and functionality are a real trend for all those who love minimalism. Dominant colours are within the white and gray tones. This trend focuses on maximum functionality. Materials used are stainless steel, marble, concrete, rubber, and inspiration is taken from the sports and architecture. Longevity of products is very high. This trend is dominated by symmetry and clean, geometric shapes.


For those who don’t like strict rules we suggest a trend that encourages freedom. It is characterized by strong, saturated colours, contrasts and unusual combinations that create individuality. Different fabrics, artificial leather, metal and high gloss sprays are combines, and animal print is an all present motif. This trend encourages experimentation with styles, and the result is a colourful chaos that arises as a result of careless combining.


With all these trends, do not forget to decorate the table with compulsory Easter motifs-painted Easter eggs. When you add a bouquet of spring flowers, a festive meal can begin!


Photo: Messe Frankfurt

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