Modern kitchen – the wealth of simplicity!

Izabela Ninic, Architect

February 23, 2016


For many years the kitchen is an integral part of the living area, so its appearance greatly affects the overall look of this space.


Retro style dominates the living room, but the kitchen is still a space whose style balances between the latest living room trends and minimalism, which is in decline. This is exactly what allows the kitchen to connect the elegance of minimalism with fine retro details. When simple lines are seasoned with modern materials and colors, and elements of nature are introduced, success is guaranteed!


In addition to meeting the functionality, with simple, clean lines, it is important to play with the materials. Wood, chipboard or MDF in combination with metal, glass, stone or composite materials that imitate concrete and cement are trendy combinations.


 Copper is particularly popular among metals. You can apply it in details such as handles or entire front or introduce copper decorative items.


Combine warm white kitchen fronts with dark shades of wood structure to ensure clear contrasts and decorative wall paint colors that will further emphasize the space.


Imitations of concrete and cement are also excellent in combination with wood, successfully combining the worm and cold visual atmosphere.


If you have the space to accommodate an island or a bar, opt for a simple but attractive look. This can be a place to socialize as well as cooking and washing.


Group kitchen appliances together into a harmonious whole with the rest of the kitchen.


Introduction of elements of nature in the kitchen is inevitable. Decorative shelves filled with greenery will give a strong imprint to any kitchen, but in most cases is difficult to achieve due to lack of space.


Place the flower pot or vase with flowers on the worktop, or use the nearby shelves to accommodate greenery. Proximity of glass walls or windows with views of the countryside is definitely an advantage. To fulfill this requirement is enough to set up a bowl of fruit or vegetables or introduce decorative items in green color.


Turn on your imagination to make your kitchen achieve visual wealth with the use of simple elements!


Photo: Dada

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