Terraces for full enjoyment

To fully enjoy the summer days we need a pleasant ambience. Spaces where time and materials have left an indelible mark are original sources of beauty and pleasure and should be preserved in its originality as much as possible.


Materials such as stone, brick and gravel will with their textures, colors, embroideries and games create a kind of decoration that is difficult to portray or produce with artificial materials. Framed by greenery and open sky, it will bring peace and relaxation to every person.


In this environment of breathtaking beauty, it is enough to accommodate pieces of minimalist design furniture and discrete colors to maximally bring the environment to the fore. In addition to white, in such spaces it is desirable to introduce colors that dominate the environment. Shades of stone or brick, additionally colored by aging, will be perfect for this environment. The harmony of colors in natural materials and unobtrusive furniture elements are exactly what will make you relax completely.


“Less is more” is the golden rule for all areas that already speak for themselves. Enjoy therefore the combination of architecture and nature, and seamlessly furnish them, respecting the beauty that you have found.


Photo: Fast