Be trendy – lounge in the garden

When equipping the outer and inner space the attention is increasingly being drawn to relaxation and enjoyment, in addition to the existing functionality. The reason is that people are spending more and more time at home.


To enjoy this summer at your own home, organize a lounge in your own garden. The market has a large selection of roomy and comfortable sofas that will turn your stay in the open into a real pleasure. Exposure to extreme conditions will certainly require additional quality, compared to sofas for interiors. It is very important that the materials are of high quality, fabrics waterproof and covers washable. Recommended are medium to dark shades of color, and with the trendy white you should expect a somewhat more difficult maintenance.


Sofa design is very important for organization of this area. It should first of all be visually soft, deep and with a low backrest. It has the function of seating, but more often these sofas are used for lying down and resting.


This, visually bulky item of furniture can be placed in a small space only if it is a gazebo or canopy connected on all sides with the environment.


They are best suited for spacious terraces and open meadows where there are no visual barriers.


Since they are often modular, adjust their dimension to space. Sometimes a small sitting element is sufficient for ultimate comfort.


This area must have a coffee table, or several of them, a standing lamp and decorative details. They will create an environment with a relaxing atmosphere, in full compliance with the comfortable sofa.


Photo: Exteta