Beauty of rustic terraces

Hot summer days invite us to stay by the sea and refreshments, and in moments of rest pleasant terraces are inevitable. Whether it is a public or private space, a comfortable furnished terrace will attract views and the desire to stop. Rustic terraces certainly have a charm that will draw you!


What primarily creates the charm of rustic atmosphere is the architecture, materials and environment, i.e. the look. It is enough to accommodate a table and chairs in the environment of an old stone building and the effect is achieved. Whether it is modern, classical or rustic furniture design, the power of this environment is such that it will make you feel great.


Chairs and a table made of teak, aluminum or techno-rattan is a personal choice. In these environments it is desirable to achieve a touch of style to oppose the brutality of the stone environment. The simplest way is to use furniture in modern white and light-gray tones that were recently presented at the furniture fair “I Saloni” in Milan, which will achieve maximum harmony with the environment. Greenery inside the yard or beautiful views of the environment will decorate the space by themselves.


These environments do not require too much detail, because the wealth of materials, shapes and interactions with the environment has already been achieved.


photo: Ethimo