Organize a trendy sitting area

Izabela Ninic, Architect

May 25, 2015

Living & Dining Room

Seating area is an integral part of every living room. Latest trends flirt with different styles and so this sitting area becomes very casual and flexible, combining elements that until recently were unimaginable.


Playing with a variety of colors, materials and shapes is very important in shaping this space. It is very important that this zone stays unsaturated with furniture. Therefore, select the dimension of the sofa or the corner sofa that will be proportional to the surface area.


Trends impose the use of one or more armchairs and it is recommended to take a smaller element that will be complemented by armchairs. They are the once that produce the flexibility of this area, because they are easily deployed in different zones or spaces, used for a working corner, reading corner or as be part of the group seating.


Modern sofas are low backrest, with visually soft and rounded forms. They can be rectangular or oval, depending on the elements of furniture. The preferred arrangement of seating is very diverse, but those creative ones are more desirable for larger spaces.


Armchairs, without doubt, have to be in a retro style. If there are several, they do not necessarily need to be of the same color or shape, everything goes. Such combinations will create the impression of lightness and well-being, free of rules and obstacles to creativity.


The coffee table can be rectangular or oval in shape, composed of several elements. If they are of different heights and widths, flexibility will be increased. In a flash you can create a place for relaxation, reading or an intimate zone for conversation.


The carpet is a compulsory element of the seating area. Visually it formed the limits of space and gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. Trendy are ethnic motifs, abstract or floral patterns and geometry. Very trendy are black and white geometric patterns, which perfectly combine with vibrant colors. For all those who love a quiet atmosphere we recommend pastel colors with abstract patterns.


Big lighting fixtures and standing lamps are an indispensable element in the seating area. Necessary in a retro style, set up in a very creative and decorative manner.


Decorate the walls with pictures, and space with plants. Trendy are plants that visually take up a lot of space, so do not skimp on the amount of plants.


Relax and enjoy your new seating area!

Photo: Arflex

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