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Eidos Evo – Modern Office Furniture

Eidos Evo collection allows very good solutions for office space management thanks to the complete versatility of its elements and to the desks available in different finishes. The flexible system meets every requirement of the modern office creating pleasant, rational, creative, and harmonious work environments.

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Technical Features

Desktops, terminals, linking tops, peninsulas, and extensions in mm.25 and 30 thick melamine. Structures diversified in mm.25 thick melamine wooden legs, mm.18 thick modesty panels, “trestle” fixed and adjustable legs, “L” shaped fixed legs, “K” shaped fixed legs, and “T” shaped adjustable legs.

Partitions in mm.30 thick melamine, possible upper parts available in tempered glass with an aluminum frame, aluminum higher horizontal profile, and side vertical rack for worktop, reception top, and shelves clasp.

Pedestals diversified in suspended, on castors, and supporting, in mm.18 thick melamine structure, frontals, and top. Bookcases are available in mm.18 thick melamine structure, back panel, and top, mm.25 thick shelves. Double doors in mm.18 thick melamine, available also in mm.5 thick fume tempered glass and in mm.5 thick satin glass with aluminum frame.

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