Prize-winning Quality: Format from Vorwerk receives the German design award 2015

VORWERK Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

November 6, 2014


Multifaceted hues and first-rate craftsmanship: The woven loop carpet from Vorwerk entitled FORMAT has been honoured with the German Design Award (GDA). Specially developed for use in the business-site sector, this high-end loop broadloom was able to convince the jury not least due to its outstanding quality, durability and intriguing look. FORMAT additionally offers numerous possibilities for combining within its range of structures and nuances.

Particularly captivating are the variations on the long, flat loops: In a monochrome version the structure emerges as a sophisticated yet discreet diagonal effect, as a two-toned variant the fabric presents itself in a surprising lengthwise look. The unique concept behind the FORMAT weave makes it possible to compose different structures using one colour. The current architect’s card for the collection contains a total of 68 colour schemes and was arranged according to a colour & structure concept designed by Helene Ogeborg. This enables interior planners and architects to find the ideal combination for their sites. What’s more, the product is tested for harmful substances and its ability to bind fine dust, making it ideally suitable for people with allergies –factors confirmed, among others, by being awarded the “life balance” seal of approval.


When it comes to quality, carpetweaving is viewed as one of the most demanding and preeminent ways to craft fine yarns. Vorwerk has mastered this kind of craftsmanship for over 130 years now, and constantly continues to develop its expertise further. As a result, innovative and one-of-a-kind woven products arise that set pioneering accents, especially in the business-site contract sector.

As a premium prize given each year by the German Design Council on an international basis, the German Design Award honours first-rate products and projects in the fields of product and communication design. The prize equally goes to established and up-and-coming designers, each of whose work is seen as ‘leading the way’ on the German and international design landscape. The declared goal of this substantially remunerated prize is to discover, present and honour unique trends in design.


Vorwerk flooring is one of the leading international suppliers of high-quality carpets, carpet tiles and elastic, organic flooring. All Vorwerk products for residential living spaces and the commercial, site-oriented sector are produced in Germany. Innovation, quality and ecology form the basis of all activities at Vorwerk, and always with a concerned eye towards people’s well-being. All of the collections are comprised of high-grade models oriented towards diversity, all the way to fascinating luxury collections which can also be custom-made individually on request. Above and beyond these, Vorwerk offers collections and special editions that originate in co-operation with internationally renowned architects, designers and artists. These and other cultural projects form the cultural essence of the brand. Vorwerk flooring stands for sophistication, creativity and intelligence revolving around the central theme of the floor. And turn Vorwerk flooring into a supportive element of architecture, as well as a coveted design brand that is much in demand, time and again.

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