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Doimo Sofas Brings Italian-Made Design… to Today’s All-Inclusive Lifestyle

We live in an age when the package is only as important as what lies inside; when stylish choices are based not only on design appeal but also on high-quality materials and manufacturing; when the most classic needs must share a space with the most modern desires. That’s why it is essential that furnishing respond to increasingly demanding consumer needs.

Comfortable and Elegant Furniture Designs for the Living Room

Today, we rediscover the importance of creating a strong aesthetic style throughout the home with impactful design that unites tradition and modernity. The living room is the heart of the home and a reflection of those who live in it. It must provide comfort while remaining elegant and orderly, infused with elements of design.

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The living room shoulders a lot of responsibility, as a room that strives to fulfill the expectations of those who live in it with proposals that integrate taste and quality. As always, Doimo Sofas has heard its customers’ requests and transformed them into innovative, aesthetically captivating solutions. As a representative of Made in Italy style, Doimo Sofas presents 3 new models, each displayed within a setting that is specially created to best emphasize the distinguishing practical and aesthetic characteristics of each sofa.

Sofas, Decorative Accessories, Furnishing Complements

The sofas will be accompanied within this evocative setting by accessories and furnishing complements that enrich the living room, making it the undeniable star of the home.

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This fusion of aesthetics and quality is not the only crowning feature of Doimo Sofas.  Innovative materials are the result of sophisticated techniques for a contemporary look. Velvety to the touch and available in the most trendy colors, NOVABUK is 100% made in Italy. The entire Doimo Sofas collection has also passed fire resistance testing and every model includes a water-repellent treatment that guarantees easy maintenance and cleaning.

Doimo Sofas is also offering sofas made with innovative SOFTOUCH® material, thanks to artisan curing techniques and natural essential oils that lend it a silky softness.

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Charm of the Living Room Sofa

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