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Dematerialized padding and 3D weaving by the Baldessari siblings

The new furnishing objects designed by Michela and Paolo Baldessari for Adele_C sofa and c-c tapis rug

CASABLANCA sofas for Adele_C on display at the Furniture Fair, Rho Pero pav. 20 stand B03

COLOSSAL rugs for c-c tapis on display at via San Simpliciano 6, Milan


This year’s new designs by the Baldessari siblings pay close attention to the application of experimental weaving to furniture.

The CASABLANCA upholstered furniture collection for Adele_C introduces a new perspective in the field as it in fact dematerializes the product, removing the very padding from which it takes its name. In fact, the backrest has been “emptied” and covered with a giant weave made from techno-fabric. The ironic out-of-scale style – which, as in the case of the MOLLETTA bench, the Baldessaris use to glorify functional detail – has therefore returned.

For the backrest, large bands were laser cut into various widths and, thanks to their thickness of approximately 4 mm, the macro weave provides comparable softness to traditional padding.

The different colouring of the bands and the variable width of the warp also creates a false – and innovative – perspective view of the backrest itself.

To visibly balance out the macro weaving, the seat has been manufactured using solid-colour cotton velvet: orange for the warmest version and aubergine to give off a stronger character.

The CASABLANCA collection was first of all brought to life with a sofa and a console/desk, and then underwent further development.


The COLOSSAL rug designed for c-c tapis pays tribute to the world of cinema. The irregular white lines, broken at the centre, resemble the closing credits that tell of the work carried out almost in secret by many actors and professionals, to produce a blockbuster. In this case again, graphic innovation is accompanied by technical research into weaving (the rug has been hand-knotted using the Tibetan knotting technique). Seen from the right perspective, the black line dividing the white lines shows a different, finer weave size, while the white lines appear raised in a disorderly but well-suited fashion. To detect this unique play of layers and weaving, especially in the tone-on-tone version, it’s worthwhile relying on a “magical” light beam, just as you would in the darkness of a movie theatre.


For De Castelli the Baldessaris have designed the TRIBÙ coffee table collection in copper and brass, with various finishes. In spite of their materials, the tables have an image verging on transparency, thanks to the slender and delicate design of the frames. The slim circular table top creates a pleasing geometric pattern when multiple pieces are put together. The TRIBÙ tables are furnishing accessories designed to organise temporary and flexible areas of use throughout time and space.


By Danica Maričić

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