Babylonstoren – luxury hotel and a working farm where guests can enjoy freshly picked fruits and vegetables

Babylonstoren Farm is one of the best-preserved farms in the Cape Duch tradition and was created way back in 1690. It is situated near Cape Town in South Africa. This old property with its rich history has a new story – besides the existing farm, it offers luxury 5-star accommodation with a unique restaurant where guests can enjoy freshly picked fruits and vegetables from the nearby garden. Clip_51_resize.jpg The estate consists of a main H-shaped building, warehouse, pigeon loft, wine cellar, and as such represents a great example of a self-sustaining farm from the past. Wild olive and oak trees are all over the place, probably as old as the farm itself. Clip_59_resize.jpg The buildings have been renovated in a way that retains the old form and materials, but with a touch of the 21st century. For example, the barn was transformed into a multifunctional space for photography, dance, and yoga. From a total of 14 apartments, seven of them have their own kitchen. Skillfully linking 18th-century building styles and contemporary minimalism has resulted in a kitchen and dining room located in a “glass box” with a splendid view of nature. Apartments are a luxurious blend of modern and classic styles, with a variety of stylish details. Clip_60_resize.jpg The barn has been converted into a restaurant of milky white color, reminiscent of the past. Dining on this farm represents both an adventure and a pleasure of tasting traditional flavors. Clip_63_resize.jpg As a working farm, Babylonstoren consists of vineyards and orchards. The climate on the Cape is ideal for these crops. The new heart of the farm is the garden, which offers the possibility of studying its rich offer and a selection of fresh foods for preparation in the kitchen of the apartment. Clip_56_resize.jpg Enjoying nature and mild climate, and associations of the past in a luxurious setting will certainly attract many visitors.

By Danica Maričić

Interior Designer and Integrated Marketing Communications Pro, Loving Writing and Photography, Passionate about Life & Style, “True Blue” Mediterranean Girl, Curious Traveller & Designer