Vorwerk is showing the RE/COVER green PARTS collection of elastic floor coverings for the first time in Germany at EuroShop 2014 in Düsseldorf.

The plank collection entitled PARTS consistently sets forth the ecological and design-oriented approach set by the UNI/PRINT collection. The company is presenting its products from the 16th to the 20th of February within the framework of an ingenious shop-in-shop booth concept by internationally renowned architect Hadi Teherani.

Presenting the collections in a cleverly devised way is not the only highlight the trade-fair booth has to offer: the booth from this manufacturer of high-quality floor coverings provides new ideas and impulses for shop design at the same time. As Hadi Teherani explains: “The idea behind the booth concept is to visualise a new shop-in-shop system for Vorwerk. The multifacetedness exhibited by the collections is supposed to be depicted in an illustrative and clearly structured manner. ‘Layers’ integrated into the walls enable presentation of the broadly scaled product range. What is being shown is the different products’ harmonious combinability and the way they optimally enhance each other on the floor. We wanted to make it clear that Vorwerk provides solutions for every theme in the flooring sector.” Anette Buchta, head of Design, Product Development and Marketing divisions, adds: “We wanted to shift the focus to the subject of shop design in order to offer a source of inspiration to our retailers, too.”


This is the first time that Vorwerk is showing the RE/COVER green PARTS collection of elastic floor coverings in Germany. As a product extension PARTS sets forth the ecological and design-oriented approach that had originally been set by UNI/PRINT in a logically consistent manner. The collection is available in 3 different sizes that make it possible to combine various colours and decors. The textures interpret materials stemming from nature and the environment by abstracting them to different degrees. A structured surface overlays the respective decors, lending the product naturalness and depth; and turns the flooring into a vibrant element of architecture.

PARTS are glued to the subflooring. The collection’s outstanding resilience and durability make PARTS an ideal product for the wide variety of deployment purposes in the business-site sector, for instance at hotels, shops, trade-fair booths and restaurants. Yet the plank shapes impart an impressively natural sense of aesthetics to floors in the upmarket home sector as well. Besides the RE/COVER green PARTS and UNI/PRINT collections, Vorwerk is also showing its extensive assortment of high-quality carpets and carpet tiles.


Vorwerk Carpets is one of the leading international suppliers of high-quality carpets, carpet tiles and elastic flooring. All Vorwerk products for residential living spaces and the commercial, site-oriented sector are produced in Germany. Innovation, quality and ecology form the basis of all activities at Vorwerk, and always with a concerned eye towards people’s well-being. All of the collections are comprised of high-grade models oriented towards diversity, all the way to fascinating luxury collections which can also be custom-made individually on request. Above and beyond these, Vorwerk offers collections and special editions that originate in co-operation with internationally renowned architects, designers and artists. These and other cultural projects form the cultural essence of the brand. Vorwerk Carpets stands for sophistication, creativity and intelligence revolving around the central theme of the floor. And turn Vorwerk Carpets into a supportive element of architecture, as well as a coveted design brand that is much in demand, time and again.



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By Danica Maričić

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