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Collection Characterized by the Creativity and Functionality – Cattelan Italia

This Italian furniture brand is characterized by elegance, attention to the production process, and careful craft knowledge. It is a modern taste, products are suitable for all types of houses with precious details of elegance and sophistication. It seems flying in the air, with no material, with no weight… to be enchanted by its lightness.

Designer Dining Room Furniture

ELLIOT, designed by Giorgio Cattelan, a geometrical table with a steel and lacquered graphite base, created with the composition of oblique pyramids. The top is in burned oak with irregular edges and represents absolute modernity. It is a table you could adapt to every room because available in different versions: round, rectangular, extendible, warm like wood, aggressive like marble. In all versions, it maintains its modern design.

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CONVIVIUM is a suitable console, with a huge functional mood. It is the icon of the eclecticism of Cattelan Italia. Like a mirror play, Convivium speaks about the future interior design with different images according to different points of view. You look at it, and you move and look at it again because it is something that catches your attention. It is dynamic and functional.

The base is harmonic and all the piece has an equilibrium. It is white lacquered embossed, graphite, or satin steel. The top is extendible and transforms the consoles into a table. It is available in white climb laminated, ossido grigio, or walnut Canaletto with extensions matching the top. A huge scale of emotions, an eccentric vision where the support is a radial sequence that matches with the glass top.

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Glamorous Dining Rooms

DOMINO, by Andrea Lucatello, is a table with the base in walnut Canaletto or oak stained ash, mixed walnut-oak or multi-color lacquered. It fits in glamour rooms and represents the synthesis of perfect equilibrium of creativity and rigor, design, and the intention of going out from schemes. With the glass top, Domino is available in oval or rectangular versions, clear or extra-clear glass. Very glamour the melange of colors.

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The chair ISABEL, designed by Paolo Cattelan, represents the sense of living out of the usual scheme of time. A balanced inventive for sophisticated comfort, it fits to live with different concepts of furniture, from the most classic ones to the most modern ones. It is the icon of the chairs, soft in the seat and gorgeous in the detail.

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